A special anniversary card!

Hi, everybody! It’s my day to post on the Lawnscaping blog, and today I’m sharing this card that I made for my husband. (We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary two weeks ago.)


I have some background on why I added certain things to the card in my post on the Lawnscaping blog. but I thought I’d give some more details here on my personal blog.

I used two of the pups from the limited-edition Lawn Fawn set that was sold at Simon Says Stamp. (I often use dachshunds on cards I make for my husband because we have a very spoiled black dachshund. Our little doxie is super spoiled, because he’s pretty much like our kid!)

Anyway, the treats on the plate are beignets. One of our first trips together was a vacation in New Orleans, and every morning, my husband would walk from the hotel down to the Cafe du Monde and pick up beignets (fried doughnut squares) and coffee for breakfast. The to-go orders of beignets come in a white paper bag, and a ton of powdered sugar is sprinkled on top.

In a misguided attempt to show off, I shook the closed bag to redistribute the powdered sugar. When he opened the bag, he was surprised by a POOF of powdered sugar in his face. That incident became known as the “beignet bomb,” and it has been a joke between us ever since.


I listed the different stamp sets that I used to make this card in my post at the Lawnscaping blog. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Thanks for stopping by today! Don’t forget, a new challenge starts on Monday at the Lawnscaping blog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!