Publication news times 2!

Hi, everybody! I’m sharing some fantastic and happy news today!
Two of my cards have been published in current editions of CARDS and Paper Crafts magazine! It’s been very hard not to share peeks of the cards until now, but now that the magazines are released, I can share the news with you! It’s my first time having cards picked up in either magazine!
I’m showcasing the first card on The Greeting Farm blog today, since I used TGF stamps and dies to make the card. Stop by the TGF blog to get more details on the card and to say hello! You can find this card in the August 2013 issue of CARDS magazine on pages 17-18.
I also had a card published in the September/October edition of Paper Crafts magazine (mine is the one on the right…page 52)! It’s my first time being published in Paper Crafts, and I still can’t believe it’s real!

And before I finish this post, if you’ve ever thought about submitting cards for publication, do it!
The best advice I can give any crafter who wants to get published is, don’t give up! We (that includes me, too!) often take it personally when someone doesn’t like what we’ve done.  I’ve submitted many times to various magazines before anything got picked up.
Here are some more tips that I hope will help anyone who has been thinking about submitting projects for publication:
  • Do some research. If your goal is to get published in a particular magazine, look at the types of projects they publish, and the overall “feel” of the magazine. Ask yourself, “does my project fit in well with the types of projects being published in the magazine?” Is the magazine focused on more elaborate projects, or does it focus on clean and simple design?
  • Read the requirements for the call. One magazine may prefer newer products, while others are OK with older papers or embellishments. You also may not be able to submit projects that have been previously posted on your blog, Facebook page, or published in another form.
  • Keep up with industry trends. Look at what is popular in fashion, home décor, or on blogs, web sites, in magazines or general things that inspire you.
  • Keep trying. If your submissions don’t get picked up for one magazine, maybe they are perfect for another!
And a few words about rejection: It’s hard to take rejection of any kind, because as crafters, we put so much of ourselves in each project we make. We are told to always say something positive about others’ projects, and honestly, we don’t receive true constructive criticism most of the time. We’re so used to others praising our work, and when they don’t, it hurts…and we take it personally. The hardest part is trying again…and I hope you will!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

5 thoughts on “Publication news times 2!

  1. Anita says:

    Congratulations on your cards being published – they're both gorgeous! Love your post too. It's full of great information and so encouraging 🙂

  2. gobeagirl says:

    Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to come over and Congratulate you on being published. I can't even imagine seeing my name of a page in a magazine. lol… Of course, at one point I never thought I'd have a blog, win contests or anything like that. I love your advise and I think I just might have to give it a go. Really, what does a person have to loose right? Adorable cards, and I truly am very happy for you. Hugs, Lisa G

  3. PapierGirl says:

    Hi Suzanne – I just received my issue of Paper Crafts and as I was thumbing thru “ooohing and aahhhhing”, I came upon not only a gorgeous card, but a name I recognized!!! Congratulations on your publication – your card is gorgeous! 🙂

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